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Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm Thankful for Coloradians and Canadians

The scream that erupted from my office this morning at the break of dawn when I awoke to check to see if my book had made the Denver Post bestseller list after a hugely successful signing event at the Tattered Cover last week most likely woke up the whole neighborhood. Because not only had the book made it into one of the top five coveted spots that the newspaper reserves for Colorado's bestselling paperback fiction books, it was number 2!!!

Needless to say, I have been floating the entire day.

And just as I was about to go to sleep and say goodnight to the most exciting day thus far in my debut book campaign, I discovered that the Canadians also seem to be taking a liking to the book! has ranked it in the top 100 U.S. fiction books. You know, I always liked those Canadians. Not only for their universal health care and the adorable way they pronounce the words "about" and "out," but now, it has been brought to my attention that they also have impeccable taste in books!

Thanks Colorado and Canada for making what would have been an ordinary Sunday, absolutely extra-ordinary!


Larramie said...

Congratulations, Jessica, but I'm not surprised. After meeting you at The Deb Ball last Saturday, a week ago today St. Martin's Read-It-First Newsletter appeared in my Inbox with daily excerpts from THE FIDELITY FILES. Impressive, you're in the same realm as Emily Giffin!

Your book is now on my TBR pile and July is my Relax&Read month...can't wait. ;)

Here's to more very excellent rankings and happy readers!

Jessica Brody said...

Thanks Larramie,

Very sweet of you to stop by and comment. I can't wait to hear what you think of the book! Emily Giffin is my idol so your comment means the world to me!

Larramie said...

Better yet, how glorious was this: Books for your beach bag?

Let the book-buying fireworks begin! :)

Jessica Brody said...

yes, that WAS really exciting! Thanks for posting!

Emmy Huot said...

Hey, I ADORE your book. I bought it the other day at Chapters in Montreal and I've been addicted to it. I really enjoy all the pop culture references.. the OMG the WTF mate.. etc. It makes the whole thing so much more believable.

Anyway, I'm passing it around to my two best friends (I have a best friend who's gay called Jon so we find it funny) and I know they'll really like it too.

It's amazing to see such young talent in the world. You have an incredible sense for human behavior, I'm sure that's where Ashlyn gets it all haha.

I'm Emmy. By the way. :)

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