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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Cheating Gene

So it looks like "Ashlyn," the fidelity inspector in my novel, may have just been made obsolete by a scenitific breakthrough. Apparently, there's a study showing that monogamy can actually be linked to a man's genes, and not jeans as we all once thought.

According to an article I just read at on, men who have more copies of a section of a gene called RS3 334, are more likely to cheat and have committment issues. Men who have no copies of the gene section are far more likely to be in long, faithful, committed relationships than men who have one, two or more copies.

I knew it! I've always said some men are just proned to cheat, like it's in their DNA or something. Turns just might be!

Do you realize what this means? Pretty soon a standardized gene test will be mandatory on all first dates. "I'm sorry, Bob, you seem like a very nice guy, but frankly I'm concerned by your three copies of RS3-334. I just think I deserve better." Maybe they'll come out with nifty purse-size testing devices that you can carry around with you and use to scan a piece of his hair or fingernail. Or better yet, maybe it'll be a required field in all MySpace profiles.

Name: Bob Smith
Age: 32
Occupation: Sales man
Relationship Status: Single and looking
RS3-334 Copies: 4

But then, of course you realize what the next step is after this is? Rebellious teen girls are going to start bringing home guys with multiple copies of RS3-334 just to piss off their parents.

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