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Friday, October 23, 2009

Karma Club Galleys and Title for Book 4!

So I've been a bit mum lately about my fourth novel (another young adult book) which releases in Spring of 2011 from FSG for two reasons 1) Spring 2011 still feels like eons away and more importantly, 2) the book hasn't had a title.

Well, until now.

Thanks to my fabulous friend (and comedian) Michael Bachmann, the book is now titled!

And it will be....drum roll please...



And here is the one-liner elevator pitch (longer synosis to follow shortly...stay tuned!):

When notorious screw-up, fifteen-year-old Brooklyn Pierce, finally realizes that her decision-making abilities are epically flawed, she enlists the help of the world's blog-reading population, by posting every decision she comes across in an online poll, vowing to adhere to whatever the outcome might be.

More news about book 4 to follow. But in the meantime, check out these beautiful galleys for THE KARMA CLUB (releases in April!) which I just received in the mail this week. Keep a look out for some giveaways featuring a few of these over the next few months...

Happy Friday!


Hannah said...

Hey, Jessica. Some one told me about Free book friday for teens and that is so awesome. thanks for starting it. You rock!

Anonymous said...

I submitted myself to the Karma trailer casting call. I would be tickled pink if they called me in to audition!

Congratulations on the title confirmation for your next book!

Erin said...

i LOVE the sound of the pitch for My Life Undecided. sounds great :)

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