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Monday, November 22, 2010

Love Under Cover in France!

So excited! At long last, my second novel, Love Under Cover, the sequel to The Fidelity Files, has released in France!

The book has been given the French title, En toute discretion, which roughly translates to "In total secrecy." The publisher is Fleuve Noir, which is an imprint of Univers Poche, one of the biggest publishing houses in France.

Check it out on by clicking here!

And I've got some REALLY exciting news to announce very soon. Probably the biggest yet! So stay tuned!


Dawn Brazil said...

Congratulations on the release in France!!!

Martha Ramirez said...

How cute!! Félicitations, Jess!!

Martha Ramirez said...

How cute!! Félicitations, Jess!!

E(D)U said...

Nice "artisan" cover!

Catarina said...

Hope you reach a lot more countries!

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