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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Life is Short...Have an Affair

This is the scandalous tag line in the new Ashley Madison Agency commercial that I just saw. I swear, this agency continues to baffle me. I can't decide if they're a disgrace or just fulfilling a need. An online dating site exclusively for married people? What will they think of next? Drive through divorce proceedings?

Would you like fries with your alimony payment, Mr. Smith?

And yes, I know I already blogged about this agency last month but I just saw this commercial for them on the History Channel and I had to share. Yes, you heard that right. The History Channel! No, I didn't accidentally mistake it for Spike TV. Apparently the marketing execs over at Ashley Madison think that this their target demographic. Who knew that History buffs were so prone to cheat on their spouses? All this time, I've been avoiding those types of guys who watch Nascar and The Man Show when I should be have been steering clear of the ones who watch Modern Marvels and specials about World War II.

Anyway, enough babbling. Here's the commercial, already. It's quite saucy. So watch at your own risk.


Sarahhhhh said...

You realize that they can easily get caught on Ashley Madison right???

Just as it exists to help people have affairs sites like Catch Cheating Housewives helps you catch them cheating!

Catch Cheating Housewives has all the tips you need to catch them cheating.

Hilarious to think that they can get away with it!!

Jessica Brody said...


I absolutely agree. In fact, the post I did called "When Monogamy becomes Monotony" talks about this same fact. This would be the FIRST place I looked if I suspected my husband was cheating!

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