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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

'Tis the Season of Taxes and Cheating Spouses

April 15th looms in the air. And accountants and IRS agents alike are all burning the midnight oil. But according to a recent article by Infidelity Expert, Ruth Houston, author of Is He Cheating on You?: 829 Telltale Signs, this is a time when suspicious women should also be doing a little tax investigation of their own. Because tax season is also apparently the time of year when cheating husbands are brought out into the open.

Because let's face it, he may be able to hide all those suspicious looking receipts from you, but he can't hide them from Uncle Sam.

The article suggests that wives suspicious of infidelity can use their joint filing status as an opportunity to follow a possible paper trail leading to evidence of an affair. Houston sources one woman who found evidence of jewelry purchases, lingerie, roses and hotel rentals in the upper west side of Manhattan (wait a minute, was this David Paterson's wife?) And since her own neck, wrists, vases and groin area were all disappointingly bare, she assumed that these gifts were purchased for another woman. Or just the evidence of a really inappropriate mother/son relationship.

Infidelity Expert Houston also recommends that you check out Line 7 of your 1040 Form. Because this is where a potentially cheating husband is supposed to report all of his overtime payments at work. With a quick mental calculation, you can easily figure out whether or not his supposed "working late" was really "working late" and therefore recorded on his tax forms as overtime payments or just "working someone else".

Ruth Houston offers these and several more tips in her recently published article which can be found at:

So suspicious women everywhere, put down his cell phone bill and start getting out your calculators. And as for the cheating men that have been successfully hiding their affairs, all I can say is, beware because Cheater Buster, Uncle Sam is on the case.

And you thought the threat of an audit was the scariest thing about filing a tax return...

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scarlet reynolds said...

The rising number of marital affairs is very much alarming. Cheating spouses do not care who you are, what your income is, where you live, where you work or any other factor.

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