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Monday, December 8, 2008

More Twilight Easter Eggs

So, I caved and saw Twilight YET AGAIN today. And being that this was my fourth viewing I was able to catch a few more easter eggs that I managed to miss the last three times. An easter egg is a hardly-noticeable little detail that filmmakers or authors drop into their films or books for diehard fans (or just extremely observant people) to find. For those of you who missed my first posting on Twilight easter eggs, be sure to check it out here.

And here are three more to add to the list.


1) Wolf picture in Bella's room - Toward the beginning of the movie, when Bella first comes home to her dad's house in Forks, she walks into her new bedroom and behind her, on the wall, next to the door, is a picture of a wolf. Total foreshadow of book 2, New Moon and the forthcoming film adaptation.

2) Vegetarian Soul mates - So this easter egg (or small detail) is unique to the movie. It is not in the book. But I noticed that in the four times Bella is seen eating (twice with her dad, once in the cafeteria, and once with Edward in the restaurant), she is eating something vegetarian. Veggie burger, spinach salad, mushroom ravioli, etc. I think the filmmakers added this detail (in the book she eats meat) to mirror Edward's so-called "Vegetarianism" (the fact that his family doesn't eat humans).

3) Sleep Disorders - Okay, this one might be a stretch. But if you look closely, when Bella is in the hospital hallway, talking to her dad about the "almost" accident (just before she sees Edward again) behind them on the wall is a hospital directory. The fourth department listed on the directory is the "Sleep Disorder" Clinic. This could be a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that Edward (and all vampires) never sleep.

Okay, stay tuned. Maybe on my 5th viewing, I'll find more!


Jos said...

There's another one. When Bella's in the hospital, if you look at the TV, the scene you just watched in the movie is playing on the TV

Jessica Brody said...

Hey Jos, this is a good one! Thanks for posting. And another good reason for me to go see Twilight for the 5th time! :)

Renee Dean said...

I have a few more. When they are in Port Angeles, and he is staring at the guys that were going to hurt Bella, listen very closely to Edwards deep glutural growl. The same growl can be heard when he is sucking the venom out of Bella's blood in the ballet studio. When they are in the lab, there is an owl behind him that makes him look like an angel...

Jessica Brody said...

Thanks Renee! Those are good ones. I noticed the growl in Port Angeles but not the one in the ballet studio. Very good catches! And I love the owl!

Emily said...

also in the hospital room at the end there is a drawing of the ballet studio.

Anonymous said...

Also in case you guys missed it stehenie is in themovie too! She is eating at the dinner when bella and her dad are eatng there the secod time. The waitress says stephenies name !
-Angela B.

emily said...

Another one is there is a red and white Chess set on the dining room table when bella is meeting the family (behind bella and edward)

Anonymous said...

So, the Sleep Disorder sign in the hospotal scene isn't purposeful (though certainly a happy little accident). Hardwicke mentions it in the DVD commentary.

Anonymous said...

oh my god!i love your blog it rocks!i was wondering if you have read the books?im in 5th grade and i read all 4 in 9 days. i love the easter egg thing it rocks!
another patient of ocd(obsessive cullen disorder

Anonymous said...

Haa the commentary gives you loads of them!
but i didnt notice teh chess set or the movie scene on TV. they r really good 1s!!!
P.S. i lurve Rob in the commentary-if you havnt seen it, DO! its AWESOME!

Katie NZ said...

if you haven't listened to the commentary yet - "i hope you enjoy disappointment"! It seemed that they both had forgotten a lot of the movie - Was Rob embarrassed to have been in it? Doesn't he want to be Edward? He suggests Zack Effron should be in the next movie instead! He says he has aged since Twilight. Also was he hungover at the Comic-Con?!!

Jay said...

HOW ABOUT>> When theyre in the cafeteria and Bella drops her food and Edward catches the apple...its in the form of the Twilight book cover :D

LindsayNay10 said...

In the scene where Bella is looking up the Quilete legends it shows the places where this book is available. Among Barnes & Noble and Amazon is listed Little Brown, The company that published the Twilight series

Jessica Brody said...

Thanks, Lauren! I actually caught this one in my first Twilight Easter Eggs posting:

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Emma said...

You can see when Edward is playing the piano, he has a friendship-bracelet sort of thing round his wrist. You can see in some of Emmett's close-ups that he has the same one on!
Hope it's interesting! :P

Anonymous said...

A great one that I think a lot of people miss is a real nice one.
The scene of Bella seeing edward, turning the light on, then turning to see him gone, just as the camera goes over to where edward WAS standing, you can see the branches move almost to signal that that is the way edward left. Before they were not moving.

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