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Friday, January 23, 2009

Dakota Fanning in New Moon?

More Twilight news. Or rather, New Moon news. So here's the buzz in Hollywood...(and I know this more because I read and not because I, in fact, live 20 minutes from Hollywood. Maybe if I left my house every once in a while for more than just getting the mail, I wouldn't need a magazine to inform me about Hollywood Buzz.) But alas, I digress. The buzz is that Dakota Fanning will be meeting with Chris Weitz, the New Moon director, about playing the role of Jane, one of the Volturi vampires, in the upcoming film. Remember, she's the one who can inflict pain on you just by looking at you (kind of like mother-in-laws).

Any thoughts on this development? I think she would be good but I guess I always thought of Jane as being a bit older. I still think of Dakota Fanning as that cute little blonde girl in I Am Sam. But I'm willing to be proven wrong.

1 comment:

+Penthius+ said...

+Oh, I alwiz thou of Jane as being younger, considering Dakota is already 14, but she still looks young, so it doesn't matter, Jane's suppose 2 be 13 anyway...

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