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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Photos from The Karma Club Trailer Shoot!!

Sorry it took me so long to post these. Been a busy bee with production work, Christmas shopping and trying to get some actual writing in. But here are a few behind the scenes stills from our Karma Club Trailer production! Aren't they gorgeous!?

All photo credit goes to the fabulous Holly Karrol Clark of C Level Photography. She is THE master!

Maddy (Madison Hill) walks through the Loft party, looking for her boyfriend.

The Karma Club Girls (from left to right), Jade (Megan Yelaney), Maddy (Madison Hill), and Angie (Gina Cecutti), scheming in Maddy's room about Karmic retribution.

Flashback scene when Jade (Megan Yelaney) finds evidence that her boyfriend Seth (Nico Nevolo) cheated on her.

The queen bee of Colonial High, Heather Campbell. Played by actress/model Leah Clark.

The Karma Club girls set up their revenge on Jade's ex boyfriend, Seth.

Watching to see if their revenge scheme on Maddy's ex-boyfriend is working.

Maddy (Madison Hill) contemplates the meaning of Karma.

Me and my Director of Photography, Jason Fitzpatrick set up an outdoor lunch scene shot.

Angie, played by Gina Cecutti, calls Maddy with bad news.

Maddy (played by Madison Hill) recreates the book cover image with our awesome Karma Club notebook prop!

Me and my Karma Club girls in the wardrobe room! I miss them already!

Click here for more info on The Karma Club (available April 27!)...including an exclusive excerpt from the book!

Happy Holidays everyone! See you next year!!!


Allie said...

That's so exciting! It must be amazing to see your characters come to life like that!

Kristina Springer said...

WOW!! So cool!

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