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Friday, November 14, 2008

New 30-Second Trailer for WhSmith

Exciting news! WhSmith travel stores in the UK want to show the book trailer for THE FIDELITY FILES on the tv screens in all their stores! That means, any of you on the other side of the pond could be passing through Victoria station, picking up a newspaper and a Dairy Milk chocolate bar and see my trailer playing! How cool is that?

There was one stipulation, though. I had to cut a 1:30 minute trailer down to just 30 seconds. And any of you that have gotten through all 400 pages of my novel, know how hard it is for me to cut. So that's what I did ALL day yesterday and here's the final result. Of course, it'll look all that much cooler when you're seeing it while waiting for your flight at Gatwick airport!

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