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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Twilight Film - Hidden Easter Eggs

(Warning: Twilight Spoiler Alert!)

So I just saw the Twilight film for the third time today (yes, I know, I'm a sad, sad case) and I've been obsessed with finding little Easter eggs that the filmmakers put in for the very observant to find. Here's what I've found so far. Please let me know if I'm missing any!

1) Okay, my favorite first. When Bella is researching online the Quileute legends that Jacob told her about on the beach, she pulls up a Google book search and then clicks on a list of places the sell the book she's looking for. Just ABOVE the bookstore she clicks on from that list it says, "Little Brown" which is the publisher of the Twilight books.

2) Stephenie Meyer makes a cameo appearance in the diner that Bella and her father are eating at. She's sitting at the counter on her laptop and the waitress delivers her a plate and says, "Here's your veggie plate, Stephenie."

3) At the end of the film, after Edward leaves Bella alone at the prom and Jacob comes to talk to her, Edward says to her, "I leave you alone for five minutes and the wolves descend." Clearly this wolves reference is a foreshadow of the sequel in which Jacob turns into a werewolf.

4) In the cafeteria, when Bella drops an apple and Edward picks it up and hands it back to her, there's a close up on the apple being offered in Edward's two pale white hands. This is a reference to the cover image of Twilight.

5) Wolf picture in Bella's room - Toward the beginning of the movie, when Bella first comes home to her dad's house in Forks, she walks into her new bedroom and behind her, on the wall, next to the door, is a picture of a wolf. Total foreshadow of book 2, New Moon and the forthcoming film adaptation.

6) Vegetarian Soul mates - So this easter egg (or small detail) is unique to the movie. It is not in the book. But I noticed that in the four times Bella is seen eating (twice with her dad, once in the cafeteria, and once with Edward in the restaurant), she is eating something vegetarian. Veggie burger, spinach salad, mushroom ravioli, etc. I think the filmmakers added this detail (in the book she eats meat) to mirror Edward's so-called "Vegetarianism" (the fact that his family doesn't eat humans).

Any others? I'm dying to see if other fans found some that I missed!


Phoebe Jordan said...

Wow, Jessica you are really observant because I only got the 3rd one of the 3 easter egges you saw in the movie. I don't blame you for going to see if more than once because I'm thinking of seeing it again soon when I have free time from classes.

Alyson Noel said...

Okay, you really are observant (and just a tad bit obsessive!)

I got the first four, missed the last two-- good eye Brody!

Anonymous said...

I'll be sure to look for Stephanie, missed that one. One of my faves is the owls wings behind Edward when Bella walks into Biology class. They look like miniature angel wings.

Anonymous said...

In the baseball scene, after Edward and Emmett collide while attempting to catch Carlisle's fly ball, Edward slips Emmett a middle-finger. Also, when Edward and Bella are at the prom, you see Victoria amongst the others, just prior to their solo dance.

Sarahllujah said...

In the book there's mention of Carlisle keeping the cross from his father's church - in the movie, you SEE said cross near the stairway in the Cullen's house :)

Anonymous said...

When Bella meets the Cullens, you see the ode to Breaking Dawn behind Bella and Edward. There is a chess set with red and white pieces. :)

twilight_lover95 said...

when we first see james and victoria (james isnt wearing a shirt or jacket and victoria is wearing a black glittery shirt and her fur coat)the man on the boat was wearing a leather jacket and a green shirt with a four leaf clover james said "nice jacket" the next time we see james and victoria is during the baseball scene victoria is wearing the green shirt and james is wearing the leather jacket.....hope you like this one, i have only seen the movie once :)

Anonymous said...

In the scene where bells is in the hospital, parts of the previous scene are playing on the tv behind bella's mom.

Sydney said...

When Bella googles the legends that Jacob told her about, on the google page where the results are it says some completely ridiculous one. I think it has something to do with beavers. It's mentioned in the audio commentary I believe. =)

Lauren said...

I have only watched the movie twice (so far) and noticed there is a Cullen crest that keeps coming up. Edward wears it on his wrist on a band, Emmett later on in the movie wears the same band. Rosalie wears the crest on her necklace and Alice also wears a necklace sporting the crest.

Anonymous said...

in the movie companion it says that they made up that crest and carlisle wears it on a ring, alice wears it on a ribbon necklace, rosalie has a big pendant of it on a chain, jasper emmett and edward all have wristbands but it didnt say anything about esme

Jessica Brody said...

Thanks Anonymous, this is a good one too!

Anonymous said...

Wow your good at finding easter eggs! I found one...

When i first saw the movie the menu screen turned up as Edward and bella.
When i watched it on my Computer it turned to the 3 people (who ever they are). :D

Anonymous said...

In Biology class when Edward and Bella are talking, the teacher says the winner will recieve the Golden Onion! And Edward laughs, Bella ends up winning the onion

Anonymous said...

when bella walks into biology class and looks at edward . it looks like a wings from the owl are attached to his back. it looks awesome

Anonymous said...

i got all ones everyone has posted, but if you look closely in the baseball scene you can see some of the baseballs are see through because they used clear christmas ornaments instead of baseballs and forgot to edit some!

Alice said...

Hi Everyone,

I'm a big fan of Twilight, I watch the movie often, I have & have read all the books, the audiobooks, the soundtrack & the score, which I listen to on my MP3 player when I'm out walking. I can't wait until New Moon comes out, but I hate that I like this movie so much, I wish I could move on to a different one! lol

But I just had to mention when I read all these observations on this site - which are all really interesting - These however are NOT "Easter Eggs", they are quirks that have been included. An "Easter Egg" on a DVD, is a hidden piece of video or hidden special feature, which is accessed through a series of code commands - e.g - "when title menu on DVD appears; press up button once then forward button twice - Then Hidden Blooper Reel will play" (this is an example of what command may be, not specific to Twilight.

I'm still searching for this on Twilight DVD & online forums - but there doesn't appear to be any - although I have read many online rumors saying there is a "hidden blooper reel" on the disc.

Jessica Brody said...

Thanks, Alice for the informative comment!

An "Easter Egg," however, can have several different meanings depending on the medium. Yes, hidden special features on a DVD definitely qualifies, but publishers, for example also use the term for surprises hidden in books that only really observant readers can find. i.e. the mention of a previous book's character as a side character.

Wikipedia defines a "virtual easter egg" as:

"an intentional hidden message, in-joke or feature in an object such as a movie, book, CD, DVD, computer program, web page or video game."

So I think all of these apply as either hidden messages, foreshadows or "inside jokes" including your awesome finds on the DVD!


Stacie Lynn Davis said...

Kind of suprised no one pointed out the jumping nasal cannula in the hospital scene. From one series of shots it is laying nicely against her cheeks, snug against her face; in its proper place. For the other angle shots it is up off her cheeks and into her eye area, totally not where we put them. It wouldn't be so noticable if they didn't shift the angle back and forth so much from her to her mother, but it is very clear to see.
Also, at the end of the "edible art' scene, when they are discussing La Push beach, the guy in the background has a jacket that reads archaic, as in really old. lol

Anonymous said...

When the gang goes to the Cullen garage to get ready to hide Bella from James , Carlile opens a cabinet and pulls out a wad of cash

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