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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Evermore is EVER-Awesome!

So, I'm not normally one to drop names or brag about all the celebrities I know. That's probably because I know so few of them. (Read: None). But all of that changes today. Because my good author friend Alyson Noel has just become a real, bonefide rock star celebrity! Her new book, EVERMORE (which is the first book in a fantastic new series called "The Immortals") released yesterday and it already reached number 748 in Amazon's total book rankings (and number 25 in their Teen Parnormal genre!) IN ONE DAY! And today it only continues to rise.

Let the name dropping begin! I envision all future conversations going something like this.

ME: "Yeah, when Alyson Noel and I were chatting the other day..."
RANDOM PERSON I MET ON THE STREET: "Wait, THE Alyson Noel? You mean the same Alyson Noel that writes those bestselling Immortals books?"
ME: "Yep. That's the one."
RPIMOTS: "You KNOW her?"
ME: "Oh yeah, we go WAY back."
RPIMOTS (with sudden envy): "Wow"

Oh and all celebrity-status aside, did I mention how freaking AWESOME the book is. I read it one day. And for anyone who reads my blog, you know what a total Twilight junkie I am. Well, move over, Edward Cullen. Damen Auguste is now my new unhealthy fictional character obsession. Yes, I know, I'm such a fickle stalker.

1 comment:

Alyson Noel said...

You stole my dialogue!! That's how I talk, only I insert YOUR name instead!!

Thanks for all the book love!!

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