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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Oscars: My Take

Just finished watching the Oscars. Here are my two cents (for whoever is interested):

- Sean Penn, next time you win an Oscar for best actor, remember to thank your wife! She's the woman who was sitting next to you in the beautiful black dress. Does "Jennay" ring a bell? Ask Tom Hanks, he'll point her out for you.

- You would think that Angelina and Brad (both best actor nominees!) could do a better job pretending to smile when Jennifer Aniston was on stage. You're actors for God's sake! I've seen better fake pleasantries on the Hills.

- Way to go Slumdog Millionaire! It's not often that I've not only seen the landslide winning film but actually thought it deserved to win.

- Edward Cullen was AT. THE. OSCARS! Need I say more? Although, why'd he have that silly British accent?

- Congrats to Kate Winslet. Well deserved. But to be honest, you had me at Titanic.

- The Duchess won for costume design. No surprise there. The period piece ALWAYS wins! My observation: the older the time period of the film, the higher chance of it winning. Yes, you can quote me on that (although I doubt anyone will care.)

What's your take?

1 comment:

Lucy said...

How funny that my word verification is copola - seriously! lol

Anyway, I'm totally with you on the Sean Penn thing. Did you notice that she had to grab his face and kiss him before he went up too? He was totally ignoring her. She seemed to take it well though, and be proud of him. I'm a big fan of hers too, by the way. :)

And I love Kate Winslet. I was so glad she won.

Oh, and I thought Hugh did a great job MC'ing. I was a bit skeptical about how he'd do but I think he really pulled it off. And doesn't Anne Hathaway have a good voice?

Overall, I thought they'd did a good job with the changes.

Good post, by the way. :)

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