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Monday, March 16, 2009

NEW MOON Movie Poster!

The official New Moon poster has been released! And I LOVE it! Knowing Hollywood, it'll probably be changed at least once before the movie releases in November but I'm going to post it here anyway, because it's fantastic!

I hope to have my own November-release artwork ready to post in a few days (i.e. my cover art for LOVE UNDER COVER!) So stay tuned!

Addendum: It has been brought to my attention by one of my studious blog readers that this is NOT an official Summit Poster. But rather a fan-made poster. And to that, I just have to say, well done, fan! This is a really cool and professional-looking poster. And for someone who used to work in the movie business, I can say that with at least some authority. My apologies for the incorrect information.


Anonymous said...

i like how they make it look like two angels sitting on her shoulders and how shes turning her head away from Jacob. Is that the cliff in the background?

Jessica Brody said...

Yeah, I like that too. She's facing Jacob, as if he's her future, but her head is turned back to Edward, because he's her past. Great catch!

That probably IS the cliff!

Interesting that they used a full moon to represent "New Moon" which is really the absence of a moon.

Anonymous said...

this isnt the real poster, this was fan made. there hasnt been any posters made besides the orange new moon words, that is official.

Jessica Brody said...

Thanks Anonymous! Good to know! I can't wait for the real one!

Mp said...

wow thank you for the compliments to my poster is really nice to see the comments....

Anonymous said...

Well done with the graphic design.
I have just recently come acorss a few other options for movie posters that I think are outsatnding and do hope that they are the ones that are used. Very simplistic and mysterious shot of Bella as in a fod as if she's about to jump off the cliff.
Another was Edward with his shirt open and the background is as if he's in the square. Very neat....and hot!

Anonymous said...

Wow. When I Saw This, I Was Sure It Was The New Moon Poster.
Then I Had To Keep Reading To Realise It Was Fan-Made.
Congrats =]


that is a fake.
its fan made
the official poster was shown on tv

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