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Saturday, June 18, 2011 is NOW LIVE!

I'm SO excited to announce that my new website project, is now LIVE!

The site has been a fun little project of mine for a few months. It's the same site Brooklyn starts in the book, MY LIFE UNDECIDED (where she posts all her life's decisions and has people vote on what she should do) but now it's been expanded so that anyone can post their life's big questions and ask for help deciding what to do!

So head on over and post your pressing questions, collect votes, and get help making those decisions. Or just head over and vote on everyone else's questions. Either way it's fun!

And keep a look out for little posts, notes, and photos from Brooklyn herself. After all, she's the original founder of the site. :)



Martha Ramirez said...

That's so cool, Jess!

Macy from It's a Book Thing said...

You are seriously my role model! I love how you make your books real! You add so much more to the book experience than some other authors! You are amazing!

Jessica Brody said...

Thanks, Martha! And wow, Macy! What a compliment! You are my hero! :)

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