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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Follow me on Twitter and Win an Autographed Copy of THE KARMA CLUB!

So, I just noticed I'm ALMOST at 1000 followers on Twitter. I know 1000 followers is just a Wednesday afternoon for people like Jessica Simpson and Justin Bieber, but for me, it's pretty dang exciting!

To help me reach that 1000 mark, for every 25 new followers I get, I'll be giving away a free autographed copy of THE KARMA CLUB to a lucky (random) follower. 

So since I'm currently at 900, the first giveaway will happen at 925, then 950, etc, until we reach 1000!

Which means, if you're not already following me, you should! Just click on and click "Follow"

And if you ARE already following me, then just relax. You're already entered!

Winners will be announced on Twitter (obviously!) so all the more reason to follow so you can see your name printed when you win!

Good luck! And thanks for the follow!


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