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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guest Star: Samantha Wilde

Our Guest Star author this week is Samantha Wilde author of the hilarious debut, This Little Mommy Stayed Home. Samantha was also featured and interviewed on my site, Free Book Friday. To check out the feature and listen to our podcast interview click here!

I had the privilege to read an early copy of this novel and to blurb on it. Here's what I had to say:

"Riotously hilarious, unabashedly honest and positively impossible to put down. Samantha Wilde's debut is a must read for all moms and non-moms alike."
-Jessica Brody, author of The Fidelity Files

Here's what the book is about:

The Mother of all Motherhood novels.

In this riotously funny, ruefully honest, and irresistibly warmhearted debut, Samantha Wilde writes about one new mother who discovers the wonders and terrors of motherhood--one hilarious crisis at a time. For new moms, potential moms-to-be, and anyone who just wants to (wisely) live the experience vicariously...

New mom Joy McGuire hasn't changed her sweatpants since her baby was born. Of course she's crazy about her newborn son; it's her distracted, work-obsessed husband and his impossible mother she can't stand. Joy turns to her own mom for support, but she's too busy planning her fourth wedding to a suspicious self-help guru. Sure, Joy's a woman on the brink, but it's nothing a little sleep, sanity, and chocolate can't fix.

Until her old college boyfriend shows up at their ten-year reunion. The one she was still in love with when she married her husband. It must be the lack of sleep, because Joy is starting to think she might have ended up with the wrong man. Not to mention she's obsessed with her sexy yoga instructor, who might just be interested in her. Joy used to be single, skinny, and able to speak in complete sentences, but who is she now? As she's trying to figure that out, her husband goes missing….

Frank, bawdy, and full of keenly self-aware observations, this novel tells the story of one new mother, three men, one marriage, and the baby love that keeps us up at night.

And here's my interview with the author!

1) What was your inspiration behind this novel?

Life with babies. The incredible transformation into motherhood. A growing fascination with mothering, what it means to mother, what becomes of a woman who becomes a mother. And what becomes of a marriage when a baby is born. I wrote the story I wanted to read, essentially.

2) Since becoming a writer, what's the most glamorous thing you've ever done?

I bought new bras! Of course that's not so glamorous but I went to the expensive bra store and had a proper fitting and paid a LOT for them and wore them for my book signings. That IS glamour when you live in the country.

3) Which scene (or scenes) in your novel did you love writing? Why?

I loved writing the fights between Joy and her husband. It was more fun than fighting and used up all my crankiness. Actually, I enjoyed writing most of it. Joy is so sassy and funny, I looked forward to what she might say or do.

4) What's the best piece of advice you've ever gotten about writing?

My mother, Nancy Thayer, has been quoted as writing, "It's never too late, in fiction or life, to revise." We laugh, because this is true and also not true. (When it's on the shelves, it's too late.) Still, it helps when I'm writing to know there is a time later to perfect things. She also always said to me, "put it in your work." I do. I put it all in my work. It's a great place for things, the good, the bad and the ugly. And it makes of a mess, a meaning.

5) If you had to to offer a bumper sticker explanations for your novel, what would it be?

Caution: Exhausted Mother at the Wheel.

Click here to order This Little Mommy Stayed Home on Amazon! For more information, check out Samantha's blog at:


Samantha Wilde said...

Thanks, Jessica! It's fun to be blogged around. I'm anxiously awaiting your number 2 book. Especially since there's no sex in the ones I write....

Mardel said...

"I bought new bras! Of course that's not so glamorous but I went to the expensive bra store and had a proper fitting and paid a LOT for them and wore them for my book signings. That IS glamour when you live in the country."

I remember what it was like just after my baby was born, and there was no money - especially for bras. When I finally got back to work and was able to buy a bra- woohoo! party!

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