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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Karma Club - Cover Released and First Foreign Sale!

I just got the final cover image for my first young adult novel, THE KARMA CLUB and it is, by far, better than ANYTHING I could have ever imagined for this book. I am SO in love with it. It's just a total love fest going on over here. I simply can't WAIT for the book to come out next Spring. Oh, what a long, lonely winter it will be!

AND...I just got news that The Karma Club's first foreign sale is complete. It just sold in the UK to Tick Tock Media and will be one of the first titles in their new young adult division!

Yes, I think this week is shaping up VERY well!

Have a fabulous day, everyone!



Lucy said...

How cool! Congratulations!

Jessica Brody said...

Thanks, Lucy! I'm pretty freaking excited!

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